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Just checking in to wish you all a great weekend. I'm sitting here trying to decide what to wear tonight. In the mood for something shiny, so I'm gonna build a look around these beauties. Anyways, have loads and loads of fun regardless of how you plan on spending your Friday evening.


If you're anything like me when it comes to shopping, you probably get excited for the tiniest things you've brought home. I'm still not big on online shopping though, never sure what to expect. So far, no big disappointments but I'm always so skeptical. I recently discovered this site called RoseGal, and was amazed by the great vintage selection and variety of styles. It's is perfect because my mood in terms of style tends to jump from basics to minimal to vintage in a matter of seconds.

Anyways, this is the skirt I chose, circular, burgundy + leather-like, few of my favorite things this season. It arrived couple of days ago, and once opening the package, I was pleasantly surprised in terms of quality, shape and structure. I was so glad that it's not that thin, cheap looking fabric, and it's actually a really good material. The color exactly like promised, though you may not see it properly on this picture, I'll get to making a proper outfit post outside a.s.a.p., I just felt like sharing it today since it became one of my favorite things in my closet, so simple and easy to combine, brings a much needed pop of color to a look. Oh and I also like the subtle elastic part in the back, which means I don't have to worry if it'll still fit me if I gain or lose are few :)

I'm just very glad I could find a trustworthy site with budget prices. I will definitely be shopping there again, there are a few things that left an impression on me.
So thank you Rosegal!

Skirt: c/o RoseGal (sold out) | Similar here, here and here
Jumper: Terranova


In today's quick post, details only. Featuring my beloved metallic pointy heels. Wishing all my followers happy holidays and a great new week!